for complex apps

Flexible low code

faster than ever

Develop tailor-made applications

No vendor lock-in
No runtime platform
Real code as a human would do

in Java, .NET, Angular, and more

Automatically generate code

of the performance and quality
of your applications

Take full control

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What is Dedalow?

A low-code solution to create  complex applications faster than ever and  manage the full cycle of software development.

From requisites to DevOps: it generates readable code for any technological stack or framework, bringing our clients full control of technology and code at all times.

Rapid prototyping with outstanding business potential

50- 0 %
Increase in Productivity and Efficiency per developer
0 %
Less errors and less rework
0 %
Less skills needed vs a senior developer
0 %
Faster and easier software evolution and maintenance
0 %
Increase of efficiency in testing activities

Breaking the barriers of low-code

Business perspective

Place the value in business, not in code. Develop your apps in a model-based environment and generate code later.

Technology independent

No black-box effect: totally flexible, as a puzzle, putting on and taking off any piece to fit your needs.

Complete quality control

As our client, you get to fully define the quality levels and standards.

Real end-to-end

Bringing never-ending improvement, from requirements to software maintenance and evolution.

Reusable code

Reutilization by design with model store generating a marketplace.

No vendor lock-in

Dedalow delivers real and readable code, as a human would do. No runtime.

Editable code

The resulting code is just like a human would do: you may take automatic code and add in custom code lines

Technical verticalizations

Code generators available for Java, .NET, Angular, Xamarin, AWS, Azure, GCP, SAP and much more coming soon.

Agile approach

Totally Agile methodology in an environment designed specifically for large development teams.

Flexible development

The possibilities are endless: custom code may be inserted without sacrificing app performance.

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